Alexander McCall Smith and a good cuppa

Meant to blog at the time, but completely forgot. So apologies for being a little late with the news.

I recently went to a breakfast at Racine to launch a new tea, ‘Lost Malawi’, by Rare Tea Company.

Henrietta Lovell, the ‘tea lady’ behind the company, is an all-round good egg, doing great work to ensure that growers get a fair wage and consumers get a damn good cuppa.

The interest for Pen Pusher readers is that Lost Malawi has been named by Alexander McCall Smith, the blockbuster novelist behind The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency and dozens of other books (he writes four to five a year – horrifying news for anyone with writer’s block!). What’s more, he’s written a set of exclusive short stories to go inside the tin. ‘He Loved The View’ is my favourite, although all of them show that gently lilting prose that makes reading McCall Smith’s work such a calming experience. Rather like a good cup of tea, in fact.

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